What is BrandWeaver Content?

Welcome to BrandWeaver! We make your online experience more exciting and engaging with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Our AI technology brings you entertaining content, boosting your overall experience on our partner’s site.

How It Works

Our AI uses data from various sources on the internet, including information about people, places, and things. It’s essential to know that this AI is experimental, and the quality of the information it provides may vary.

To create supplementary content for our partners, we use a type of generative AI based on large language models (LLMs). These are just fancy names for the technology we use. Our AI is trained on lots of words and can predict what might come next in a sentence. In this context, our partner’s articles provide the input that allows us to produce entertaining content for readers like you. It’s important to note that our content is not made by humans, so there are some risks to consider. For instance, we aim to generate content that entertains or engages the reader, and do not claim that content is truthful or accurate.

AI Can Make Mistakes

Our AI is a work in progress, and it’s not perfect. Sometimes, it might make things up or misunderstand what you’re asking. For example, if a partner’s article references “apple” the AI could misunderstand the context to mean “Apple Computers,” rather than the fruit. In other instances, the AI creates content that is inaccurate. This can happen because unlike how search engines get information from the web, the AI doesn’t gather information at all. Instead, the AI predicts which words come next based on inputs.

Always Check Responses

It’s important to be a vigilant consumer of AI-generated information. If something doesn’t seem quite right, you should verify it using other resources. Additionally, we provide a reporting tool below should you find something that is inaccurate or inappropriate. We encourage you to provide any and all feedback because that helps us improve the system for everyone.

Opt-Out of AI Generated Content

We understand that while many users enjoy the benefits of AI-generated content, some may prefer to opt out of this experience. Just as you have the right to choose which ads you see, you can also control your interaction with AI-generated content.

You can disable BrandWeaver content across all of our partner publishers at any time. Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll drop a cookie on your browser that stores your preference. When you visit a partner site, our system will read that cookie and disable the AI content for you. Please note that you may need to opt-out again if you delete your cookies or change devices.

Share Your Feedback

We value your input! Your feedback is essential to help us improve our services. Please take a moment to share your thoughts, suggestions, or any concerns you might have about your experience with BrandWeaver.