AI Places Products Into Every Piece of Publisher Content

Generate more revenue for your publishing business without having to rip and replace your existing banner ads.


3M impressions

4x CTR

15+ publishers

Next-Generation Product Placement Technology Using Artificial Intelligence

Publishers double their revenue while brands get the exposure they need to stand out in a crowded market. As simple as:

1. Brands pay to place products in content

Brands pay to have their products featured in your content, which means you can generate more revenue.

2. Software inserts products in content

Our software can seamlessly integrate brand products into your text without disrupting the reader’s experience.

3. Publishers earn revenue from their content

By using our software, you can generate more revenue without having to create new content or replace your existing banner ads.

AI-Generated Product Placement

Our software seamlessly places brands in your text content. AI scans your content, matches it with advertisers, and enhances your content to include branded products. Brands pay to get inline product placement in your content. You get more revenue per session. The publisher retains control of the look-and-feel to separate editorial and advertorial content.

Every brand, Every page

The AI creates placements for every brand on every page.
Here are more examples from the same pizza recipe narrative.

Get paid per impression, like banner ads

BrandWeaver’s payment model works like banner ads. Here’s a breakdown to help you estimate your monetization potential. What’s more, You can keep your banner ads and effectively double your advertising revenue.




Pages / Session


Ads / Page






Revenue / mo

Integration is fast and easy.

Add the JS Tag To Your Website

Simply add the BrandWeaver JavaScript tag into your website. The tag is a small piece of code that can be easily added via a tag manager, such as Google Tag Manager.

Works Behind the Scenes For You

Once the tag is in place, our AI algorithms will automatically begin scanning your website’s content to find opportunities to place branded products seamlessly within your text.

Works Well With Others

The best part is that our software is designed to work alongside your existing advertising partners, which means you don’t need to rip and replace any of your current monetization strategies.


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