Meet the Sidekik team

We’ve been hacking together since 2012, and we love building products that people use daily to improve their lives. Sidekik was born from Sandeep’s frustrations with Solidity. He eventually began creating an internal tool that we’re now releasing to the broader web3 ecosystem. We hope you find it useful!

The cofounders of Sidekik have been hacking together since 2012.
Sandeep participates in the SmartCon Developer Speedrun for Smart Contracts
Sandeep takes 2nd place at SmartCon developer speedrun.

Easier EVM interactions for everyone

It’s just too hard to interact with smart contracts. Whether you’re an auditor writing a script to test code or just a tinkerer who wants to explore the latest protocol, reading and writing to smart contracts should be easier – much easier. That’s where Sidekik comes in. We envision a platform that helps developers, product managers, auditors, and tinkerers alike explore, debug, test, and understand smart contracts.