Cold Outreach is Out, Warm Intros Are In

Join the modern outreach platform combining community-based referrals, direct access to prospects, and a give-and-get philosophy—so you can bypass the digital noise, save time, and achieve better outcomes.

Cold Outreach is not as effective as it used to be; warm intros are the best way to meet your target prospects.

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Increased Efficiency

Maximize your outreach efforts with targeted, warm introductions. Say goodbye to the black hole that is cold emailing.

Enhanced Engagement

Build meaningful connections. Our platform ensures your messages reach decision-makers, bypassing digital noise.

Data-Driven Decisions

Utilize actionable insights to refine your sales strategy, focusing on the most promising leads.


15,134 contacts

121 intros made

+35% more meetings

Connect Your Email

Begin your journey to more effective sales by signing up and connecting your work email account. IntroHub securely analyzes your contacts to map out your network, identifying potential warm introduction paths based on email interactions and relationship strength.

Request Introductions

Navigate through your dashboard and discover the best paths to your target prospects. Then ghost write personalized emails for introducers who can help you reach your targets. With IntroHub, every step is designed to enhance your outreach strategy.

Give & Get Meetings

Actively engage by sending and receiving introduction requests. Customize your settings to manage the frequency and type of introductions, ensuring a perfect balance between expanding your network and providing value to your contacts. As both a requester and introducer, you play a vital role in the community’s growth.

Expand Your Network

Experience the benefits of connecting with target prospects through IntroHub stewards. Then earn more introduction credits by making introductions to your network. Foster a cycle of mutual benefit that accelerates your network expansion and sales success.

Measure Your Success

Track your progress with detailed analytics on your introductions, meetings secured, and overall network growth. IntroHub provides you with the insights to refine your strategy continuously, ensuring you’re always moving closer to your sales targets.

Setting Up Your Account is Fast and Easy

Connect With Ease

Start by connecting your Gmail account with a few clicks. IntroHub seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, requiring no complex setup or IT overhaul. Our platform is designed for easy integration via OAuth, ensuring secure access to your email for network mapping and analysis without the hassle.

Network Insights

With your account connected, IntroHub’s advanced algorithms get to work behind the scenes. Our system automatically analyzes your email patterns to identify and map your professional network, uncovering valuable warm introduction paths. This process is continuous, ensuring your network insights are always up-to-date.

Enhance, Not Replace

IntroHub is built to complement, not complicate. Our platform enhances your existing sales and CRM tools, slotting in alongside Salesforce, Outreach, and other systems you already use. There’s no need to replace your current tools; IntroHub integrates with them to enrich your sales strategy with the power of warm introductions.

Pricing Is Simple

IntroHub is free for a limited time as we build out a trusted network of sellers. When you join IntroHub, you will receive a set of invites that you can share with your colleagues.

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